Friday, 27 February 2015

Pretty Pieces | February wish list...

wishlist february pink
1. Nars lipgloss in 'orgasm'
2. Blush jacket - River Island
3. 'You look nice today' tee - River Island
4. Copper colour lampshade - Asda
5. White ripped jeans - River Island
6 daisy t-bar shoes - Topshop
7. Rose gold Bunny ring - Kate Hillier
8. Gem stone bangle - H&M
9. Clutch / purse - Kate Spade
10. Blush and gold bag - H&M

Now the lighter nights are finally on the way hopefully the weather will be warmer soon too, I can't wait to ditch the oversized jumpers and big coats, for prettier pastel pieces. I don't know if I'm brave enough to wear white jeans though, it's only a matter of time before i spill something on them (probably chocolate knowing me...eek) How gorgeous are the white daisy t-bar shoes, so tempted to treat myself to them, as an early birthday gift. What do you think of my wish list picks?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Easter chick chocolate cupcakes (stuffed with dairy milk caramel eggs)

 After scoffing many (too many) packets of mini eggs. I wanted to bake something Easter themed, so I went for cupcakes with a little twist. Chocolate sponge cupcakes, with green glitter, mini eggs and little fluffy chicks on top, with a mini dairy milk caramel egg in the centre here's how I made them and what you'll need if you decide to give them a go yourself…(recipe from the hummingbird bakery)

What you will need (bakes 12 cupcakes)
100g of plain flour
20g of cocoa powder
140g of caster sugar 
1 and a half tsp of baking powder
a pinch of salt
40g of unsalted butter at room temperature
two packets of dairy milk mini caramel eggs
120ml of whole milk
1 medium sized egg
1/4 tsp of vanilla extract

For frosting
green food colouring
300g icing sugar, sifted
100g of unsalted butter
40ml of whole milk

For decoration
edible green glitter
mini chicks
2 packets of mini eggs

The trick is to freeze the caramel eggs, so place them in the freezer overnight. Then the next morning...pre-heat the oven to 180, In a large mixing bowl add the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, sugar, butter and salt. Using an electric whisk, mix well on a slow speed until combined. In a jug add the milk, vanilla extract and the egg, whisk gently, then pour half into the mixing bowl with the flour mixture, whisk on a high speed to get rid of any lumps, then pour in the remaining milk and egg mixture and whisk on a slow speed until the mixture is nice and smooth, be careful not to over mix though...
Line a cupcake tray with cases, then carefully scoop the cake mixture evenly into each case, about two-thirds full then place a mini caramel egg in each one, placing a bit of cake mixture over the top so the chocolate egg is completely covered. Then pop them in the pre-heated oven to bake for around 20-25 minutes (remember to set a timer so you don't forget!) After they are done, leave them on a wire rack to completely cool for around 30 minutes before you begin decorating.
In the meantime, you can make a start on the frosting. Cream the butter and icing sugar in a bowl using an electric whisk, whisk until the butter and icing is combined and fluffy, carefully add the milk a tablespoon at a time and add a few drops of green food colouring, then whisk on high setting. Once the cupcakes are cool slather on some frosting and add sprinkles, mini eggs, fluffy little chicks etc, etc
dairy milk caramel
Once decorated they're all ready to eat, mmm chocolate sponge and caramel. I know, I know my sweet tooth is horrendous. So bad, but so good.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

My recent favourites...

primark rings 2
A selection of pastel rings from Primark, I always buy my rings from Primark, they're so cheap (it doesn't matter too much when inevitably lose them) it was around £3.50 for all of these, such a bargain.
I final bought myself a new wallet, this one is absolutely huge… which means it's perfect for holding all of my silly little cards and junk (I rarely carry loose change) This was £5.00 also from Primark! I think it looks more like a River Island style purse / wallet which usually costs a lot more...around £17- £20. 
bambi socks
I couldn't resist these sweet little Bambi socks, these were actually a pair of three from Primark. I'd wanted to do a giveaway for a long time, so I figured I'd give the Thumper ones along with a few other small goodies away over on my instagram account which you can enter here  if you'd like!
pandora the jewel hut
This stunning pandora bracelet from The Jewel Hut * I'm so excited to be working with these on building a pandora bracelet, all of the charms are so dainty. Do you have a pandora bracelet, what's your favourite charm? My birthday is coming up soon, in March so I will probably be putting a few on charms my birthday wish list. *waves* hint hint Tom and family possibly reading this blog post. *winks*
hope in a jar
Ive really been enjoying using this 'hope in a jar' moisturiser from Philosophy, it's so lightweight and doesn't feel greasy on my skin which is always something I look for in moisturisers whether it be for my face or body! My skin feels so good after using it, no shine just a nice healthy looking glow and I've even noticed it evening out my skin texture too. 

What do you think of my recent favourites?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Valentines day (weekend!)

be my valentine
Happy Valentine's day (for yesterday) if you choose to celebrate it that is! I've always enjoyed seeing the things people receive even when I've been single, for example last year i celebrated valentine's with my main man (Oscar) yes, yes, that's my dog haha. Here's how I spent this years with Tom. Sorry Osc!
with love
Tom and I exchanged our little gifts, I bought him some family guy socks amongst some other more soppy little things and a bus full of his favourite chocolate... malteser bunnies (no seriously they're sat on a cardboard bus, 8 of them I found them in the Easter section and thought it was absolutely hilarious) then I continued getting ready, as we were heading out for some lunch and drinks (I had a pretty big sweet potato fries craving) but if I'm being honest, when don't i? They're so addictive.
After lunch we headed back to Tom's house, where he surprised me with a  beautiful single red ros♡  Later that night we ordered our favourite takeaway and finally watched Gone Girl, which yes it is just as good as everyone says it is, such a good film! So glad we managed to avoid spoilers all this time!
hearts mmm a jar of strawberry heart shaped marshmallows, I am such a sucker for anything 'novelty' when it comes to buying seasonal stuff. I was almost tempted to buy a huge box of Krispy Kreme Love bugs.
As we had a nice chilled out night last night, tonight we're heading to our favourite restaurant, the table is booked for 8:00pm ...after the football of course (at my request believe it or not haha)
Seen as it's the weekend of Valentines day I thought it was appropriate to spritz Chloe 'Love Story everywhere' I wasn't brave enough to wear a bright red lip out, so I've been wearing the shade 'Boy' How did you spend your Valentine's with your loved ones, be it family, friends or your partner?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Loving lately...

unicorn sharpener hm
This unicorn pencil sharpener from h&m, I love looking in the little section near the tills full of face masks, key rings and little trinkets. I'm always losing pencil sharpeners I use them for eyeliners and eyebrow products these days not pencils, still couldn't resist a novelty pastel pink unicorn one though! Yes. I'm a sucker who buys things placed at tills, I fall for it every time, same with chocolates and magazines at the tills in Tesco... But I have a cute unicorn accessory so who really wins here?
dty looks
I've tried clip in hair extensions in the past, but nothing like the high quality of these ones from Dirty looks which are made from 100% human remy hair (meaning you can straighten and curl them too) They are so thick, silky and soft, I couldn't believe the exact colour match (especially being a blonde, I'm so impressed it blends seamlessly with my hair colour) There's a test strand in every box, so you can match the colour and length before opening the full set of extensions, meaning you can send them back and swap them if the colour or length isn't suitable. There's so many shades and colours to suit everyones locks, you can even send in a picture and they will help you choose the right colour for you! What do you think? I don't know if i suit my hair that long, maybe I'm just not used too it yet but I certainly feel like I have total mermaid hair... I can't recommend these enough, they're so simple and easy to use, not to mention high quality (I can't stop stroking them haha) I've linked the shade and website above but you can also follow them on twitter here Would you ever  try clip in hair extensions?
panda keyring handm
Another cute yet not really needed h&m till purchase a panda keyring, it's so sweet and squidgy, yes that's a real word. As if I needed another keyring, to add to my collection... In the background you can spot my final purchase but this one I have actually been after for quite a while now...
passport hmm
A passport holder (also from h&m) I've seen a few for sale on ASOS but they were around £8.00 this one was around £2.99 I think it resembles a Ted Baker design. My passport looks much prettier in this, that's for sure. What do you think of the things I've been loving recently?

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