Thursday, 22 January 2015

How to: 4 apps for editing your iPhone photographs...

I thought I'd write up a post on how I edit the photo's on my iPhone. Sharing the common problems and the apps I use to fix them, some apps are for editing, some are fun photo effects. So, here's what I use on a daily basis to quickly, simply tweak and perfect the photos from my phone...

Brightening up a photo.
Sometime's it's too dark to take (the 'perfect' instagram) photos, leaving pictures looking dull or with an orange tint due to indoor lighting such as lamps or overhead lighting. Here's a before and after...
iphone editing
The app you need? Afterlight cost: 79p.
iphone editing 2
Open the Afterlight app, upload the photo you wish to edit. You will see an icon of slider bars, open it and a menu of icons will open above it. You will see a symbol that looks like the sun, this is 'brightness' slide the bar across until it brightens up and lightens the dull, dark photo.

Adding cute doodles and phrases to a photo.
Sometimes it's nice to add cute little illustrations to a photo, it's a nice way of saying where something is from, adding a bit of humour, cutesy-ness or even a watermark in a pretty, colourful font.
iphone editing 3
The app you need? Pic Candy cost: free
iphone editing doodles
Open Pic Candy, choose the photo you'd like to edit. You can choose from tons of cute 'doodles' and 'phrases' you can easily change the colour, size and position of these on your photograph. Even choose from quite a few pretty different fonts to add a watermark to your photo.

Creating Collages
You've seen this style on my blog before, lots of little pictures into one big collage. There's quite a few apps for doing this, but this one is my favourite. You can select all of the photos you want at the same time, unlike a lot of the apps where you have to select one at a time, which can take a while.
iphone editing collages
The App you need? fotor cost: free (in app purchases available)
I love that there's so many different little ways to edit and tweak your collage and photos all within one app, this is so handy and useful. Definitely my favourite collage creating app simply for ease.

Sharpening or adding cool / warm tones.
Sometimes photos can look a little blurry, they can also look warm (orange tinted) or cool (blue tinted) due to lighting. I find lamps and large overhead indoor lights often cast a warm, yellow tone to my pictures, which isn't great when in 'real life' my room is bright white.
The app you need? instagram cost: free
Open the instagram app, after choosing which photo you would like to edit and upload to instagram you will see three icons. Click the wrench / spanner icon at the end. This brings up a whole load of editing tools. You will see a thermometer icon, this is how you increase or decrease warm and cool tones.

So, that's how I edit my iPhone photographs before sharing them on instagram and twitter and the likes... What do you think? Do you have any photograph editing apps that you enjoy using? If so, let me know in the comments :)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lush Valentine's Day collection 2015

lush unicorn horn
Unicorn horn bubble bar* - here £3.25
I think this is the prettiest bubble bar I have ever, ever seen the gorgeous pastel rainbow colours along with little multi coloured stars and silver glitter... what more could you want? it's stunning, I feel happy just looking at it. It's almost too pretty to use I'll just have to buy 10 more. It contains lavender, ylang yang and neroli oil, it smells absolutely amazing. I will certainly be stocking up on these dreamy bath time beauties. 
lush prince charming
Prince Charming shower gel* - here £4.75
This smells good enough to eat, seriously. One of the main ingredients is marshmallow root mmm it also contains pomegranate juice and vanilla pod. I almost wish this was edible because it smells so good. Dare I say it, I think i might even prefer this to much loved snow fairy, yes really. 
the kiss lush
The kiss lip scrub* - here £5.50
I have never tried these before, as someone who always has chapped lips and is forever applying lip balm. I never really thought about exfoliating the dead skin on my lips before. This smells like strawberries and cupcakes. It's a little messy so I make sure I apply it over the sink, but it's seriously softened my lips. I just wish I'd discovered a lip scrub sooner...
lush floating flower.
Floating flower bath bomb* - here £3.50
I have always been a fan of bath bombs. There's nothing I love more than a good soak in the bath, with a good playlist, relaxing and watching them foam and fizz away whilst turning my bath water into a rainbow of colours however, if you aren't a fan of really strong scents this bath bomb might not be for you. For me, the stronger the better. It's a sweet scent, with Jasmine, ylang ylang and cyprus oils. 
lush heart throb
Heart throb bubble bar* - here £3.65
I'm a sucker for anything seasonal, this heart shaped bubble bar turns the water bright red and would make a great gift for anyone on valentines day even to treat yourself! It's full of glitter in the middle and contains organic Shea butter, so you'll leave the tub feeling silky soft.

Will you be trying anything of these in the lead up to Valentines day? Single or taken, who doesn't love a good pamper… I'm a sucker for anything pastel, heart shaped or if it's covered in glitter, I'll take it! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

pretty, yet useful products this month...

iconemesis fifi lapin
Iconemesis kindly sent me this iPhone 6 case, after seeing I had received one for Christmas. I love Fi Fi Lapin, they have beautiful assortment of phone cases, if you'd like to check out their website you can do so here. I can't believe how many different phone cases I have for my 5s, just laying around now, it's like I collected them! I already have two for my iPhone 6, so I can already see history repeating itself...
dog quotes mini calendar
How sweet is this mini bookmark calendar, it's full of pictures of puppies and each month has a different quote, it was a gift from Tom's mum. Such a lovely and true quote (my crazy dog lady side is showing again) I've been using it to keep track of working out and other little bits and bobs.
chanel lipsticks
Something else It seems I'm collecting is Chanel lipsticks, oops. It's my Birthday coming up in a month or so's time and I already have another one on my list, I'm addicted. I find MAC (creme sheen) lipsticks too drying for me, so I don't mind paying that little bit more for the Chanel Rouge Coco shine lipsticks as they're just so creamy and moisturising on my lips as well as adding colour and shine.
soap and glory
I have been seriously loving this hand cream from Soap & Glory. It feels like velvet on my skin and I find it a lot less 'greasy' than hand food. It sinks in really quick and as usual with Soap & Glory products it smells amazing, it's been a saviour for my hands this winter. Have you tried this?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Looking forward to Spring: pastel blush wish list.

pastel wish list
1. cream bobble hat - River Island
2. Pink Jacket - River Island
3. Hat - River Island
4. Grey metal purse - New Look
5. Notebooks - Rifle Paper co
6. Shocking mascara YSL - Boots
7. Pastel stacking rings - New Look
8. Candles - H&M
9. Pink bow keychain - H&M

Now that the best parts of winter are over, I'm really looking forward to Spring, it's such a beautiful season and all of the pastel trends come back in stock hurrah! What do you think of my cream, blush and grey toned picks? I love the bow keyring from H&M along with the fedora from River Island. I've been meaning to try this mascara for ages too, so I think I'll bite the bullet and go for it, if you've tried it let me know what you think in the comments please! Are you looking forward to Spring?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Life lately...

1. I've never had a television in my bedroom before, mainly because my room is so white, a black television would stick out like a sore thumb and look a bit silly (in my opinion anyways!) My dad managed to find me a white Samsung 'smart' TV for Christmas, it even has a white power cord and remote control! I don't have an aerial for it yet as I mainly just watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon. It blends in nicely on my wall and I love it, you can check it out / find similar ones here.

2. I've been going for long walks recently, it's been nice and sunny, even if it is freezing. Spot the little sausage peeking around the island, probably eating something he should'nt be.

3. Speaking of little sausages, I bought Oscar a brand-new collar and I think he looks very handsome in it, but then again I am a tad biased.

4. Tom surprised me with a Krispy Kreme, the best kind of surprise :) little things always mean the most.
1. River Island now stock shoes in a size 2, hurrah! No more flats slipping off or buying countless insoles. I ordered these yesterday, they arrived earlier this morning and fir perfectly, it's a miracle.

2. How sweet is this phone case Tom bought me for Christmas, perfect for protecting my iPhone 6 because lets face it, it's only a matter of time before i drop it on my face and or the floor.

3. It was pretty hilarious seeing Oscar run around the house in this costume. Buys all of the cute dog costumes in the world, ever

4. I loveeee getting 'smellies' and bath stuff for christmas, because I am a bath person, I love long soaks with lots of gorgeous bubble baths, bath bombs, etc etc. This peppermint shower gel smells amazing.

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