Sunday, 21 September 2014

A mini make-over...

collage room becky milk bubble tea
After I got home from Toms, I randomly decided I wanted to spruce my bedroom up a little and freshen it up. So I went out and bought new drawer handles for my two bedside tables (£2.99 for a pack of 4 - home bargains) some pretty white heart cut-out bunting, and shuffled the furniture around a bit...
collage bedroom mini becky milk bubble tea
I filled the fishbowl style vase with fairy lights and moved my dressing table into the centre of the room. Hung the bunting, and changed all of the handles on my drawers. I just need to find two smaller handles for my dressing table. It's amazing how changing just a few small details can make such a big difference, what do you think?

You can find my dressing table and drawers here < click me.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Cake that round two...

So, it's round two of the Emporium Bakery's GBBO competition, cake that. We had to recreate a recipe from a list of cakes, pies and tarts. I thought this entry was in on the 29th, so yesterday I was running around my kitchen like a headless chicken. Every time I used the pie crust recipe, I usually use, the cream and fruit would fall through. Two crumbled pie crusts later, I admitted defeat and bought a shop bought pie crust. I can imagine the sheer horror on Mary Berry's face now, but at the end of the day, honesty is best and it's my own fault for not checking the dates. So here's how I made the filling…
fruit pie

For the whipped cream and fruit filling

250ml of chilled whipping cream
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

I chilled my metal mixing bowl in the fridge for ten minutes, I then added the sugar, the vanilla extract and whipping cream to the bowl. I whisked on a high setting, until the cream became stiff. I then scooped the filling into the pie crust and topped with lots of fresh fruit for decoration.


Super easy, to make I just wish my own home made pie crust would have held the weight of the fruit and cream together, but sadly I ran out of time and had to post something for my competition entry. Hopefully in the final challenge I can bake something amazing, to make up for this!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”

bed milkbubbletea magazine candles
After staying at Toms all weekend, when I come home, I love having a mini pamper evening to myself. First things first, hair in a top knot, make up off and lots of Oscar snuggles. I usually have a bubble bath , light some scented candles then sit down to catch up on reading blogs and replying to emails..
bloglovin milk bubble tea becky
It's nice to sit and scroll through blog posts I've missed, as I'm not really on my phone much at Toms, too busy having a nice time, or watching Netflix. We are completely, totally hooked on a series at the moment, but a lot of people have already seen it, so I won't say which one due to spoilers!
meringues becky milk bubble tea
I usually pick up a magazine of some sort and a little treat okay, okay more like a gigantic bar of chocolate on my way home, these strawberry mini meringues (from the co-op) were so tasty.
essie milk bubble tea becky
After a bubble bath and applying a face mask of some sort, I usually take this time to paint my nails. For a long time I never bothered with nail polish, but now my hands feel naked without it. I always think it makes you look and feel a little bit better, somehow. I'm going to have to try and ditch my pastels for some deep reds and burgundy shades, now autumn is almost here!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Snapshots

insta collage milk bubble tea

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 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png1. I got excited for autumn, so I bought this tartan print scarf from New Look (link here)

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png2. Desk clutter, Alexa Chung, super chic sausage gift tag, maybe I should get Oscar a Dickie-bow?

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png3. I'm pretty sure nothing beats nice, fresh, clean bedding. Featuring my cloud bed

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png4. My de-cluttered dressing table, complete with fairy lights and scented candles

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png5. Exciting invitations through the post…

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png6. I caved and repurchased this, I guess I can find a winter perfume, next month…

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png7. Marshmallow scented bubble baths brought to you from Treacle moon (Psst and Tesco.)

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png8. My pretty new make up treats

 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png9. Bringing back the bear robe, snug as a bug in a rug.
 photo ScreenShot2012-12-04at232909.png

Friday, 12 September 2014

A little splurge...

milk bubble tea chanel urban decay naked 3
I rarely buy make up, let alone high end make up, I tend to stick to products I know. Mainly because I'm scared of spending a lot of money on one product, ending up disappointed and it ending up in the bottom of a drawer. I don't mind spending money on foundation, because I like long lasting, good quality coverage and I know I'll use it everyday. So, I finally bought the Naked 3 palette, I bought the first naked palette a few years ago and I still use it daily. When I opened it, I was  certainly not disappointed..
naked 3 palette milk bubble tea
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette - House of Fraser

Even just the rose gold box and the pretty packaging alone made me excited, but when I opened it I heard angels singing, I suddenly had the urge to put every shade on my eyelids all at once. I love the dusky rose shades, 12 beautiful quality eye shadows, 3 matte, 6 satin, 3 shimmers, along with a double ended brush and 4 primer samples, I can't wait to try them all out, so many different looks to create. 
chanel milk bubble tea
Chanel rouge coco baume - House of Fraser

I headed out with the intention to buy a Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick. I'd had a small procedure on my arm at the hospital earlier that day and I wanted to treat myself. I couldn't believe all three colours I'd been lusting after were out of stock, so I did something a little bit ridiculous and bought the Chanel rouge coco baume, yep that's right a £25.00 lip balm. But… I'm pretty sure it's the most beautiful lip balm you'll ever see. I didn't want to buy a shade of lipstick I wouldn't wear... just for the sake of it. Anyone else who suffers from awful chapped lips all year round, at least it's a touch of glamour for me and my chapped lips. As I said, this was a treat and it certainly feels just that, how can this packaging ever not feel super chic and luxurious?

I just noticed there is currently an offer online only, I thinkkk for £10.00 off certain beauty products including the naked palette 3 (doh!) if you buy any other beauty / fragrance item. Not sure how long this offer lasts though!

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg