Thursday, 21 May 2015

Free iPhone wallpapers

If you're always changing your iPhone wallpaper and background like me, these might come in handy! I thought I'd post some of my favourite finds. So now you'll be spoilt for choice and (probably) never run out of iPhone wallpapers. What do you think? Let me know your favourite in the comments.

how to use:
I've numbered and linked them all (they go across) just click the link next to the number and it will bring up the wallpaper of your choice if you're reading this post on your iPhone hold down on the image and press 'save image' then set it to your lock screen. (after clicking the link they aren't full size or high res on the pictures i've used in the blog post, enjoy! xo

1. here 2. here 3. here
collagei of phone wallpapers
4. here 5. here 6. here

7. here 8. here 9. here
collage iphone wallpapers 2
10. here 11. here 12. here

13. here 14. here 15. here
collage iphone wallpaper
16. here 17. here 18. here 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

10 things I would tell my teenage self - beauty and make up.

ted baker wash bag

1. Blending is important 
Ahh, yes Maybelline dream matte mousse, about 3 shades darker than my actual skin tone, forgetting to blend it in, so I'd have a lovely very obvious line where my dark orange face met my bright white neck, lovely...

2. Fake tan faux pas.
Not moisturising or exfoliating before applying a load of fake tan is never a good idea, often resulting in patchy brown hands and palms. Shout out to my mum for not letting me leave the house after I applied 'body bronzing shimmer gel' to my entire face. 

3. You are not a panda…panda pixel photo:  panda.gif
Didn't everyone kind of go through that liquid eyeliner stage, where you'd outline your entire eyeball in a layer of thick black eyeliner? You know whilst listening to Bring me the horizon and Blink 182 and the likes of...

4. Never, ever, ever shave your legs dry.
I remember one of the first times I'd shaved my legs, I stupidly didn't use shaving foam, or water and ended up cutting my legs to shreds, ouch. I thought I was going to bleed to death in my bathroom ha ha okay maybe a little dramatic! My mum was so angry.

5. Your natural hair colour is best.
I still remember my dads face when I came downstairs after dying my naturally white blonde hair, jet black. (Sorry dad, sorry hair!) Through my teenage years I also dyed my hair lilac, blue, pink, red! After many trips to the hairdressers to get my hair back to blonde, I learnt my lesson for sure!

6. Your acne won't last forever (I promise!)
It's something I don't mention these days, as I don't like to remind myself of how horrific my skin used to be from age 13. My whole face was literally covered in large painful sore like spots! My doctor was useless and said 'its something you're just going to have to live with' - wrong. I've thought about doing a whole blog post on all the things myself (and my parents) tried and how I eventually became acne free, I'm just not sure if I'm brave enough to post the photos of how bad my acne was, you'd never tell these days, I barely get a single spot!

7. Just because you don't like your skin, doesn't mean you shouldn't look after it.
Due to feeling so horrific about my skin, I was so scared of using 'normal' products like cleansers and moisturisers on it that might make my acne even worse, my skin was red raw and very painful. Covering my face in layers and layers of thick foundation didn't help at all.

8. Sunbeds are NEVER okay.
Choose fake tan, every single time. Even though I'd only used sun beds a few times, I still regret it so much. I was told by friends it would dry my oily skin out and help clear my acne as well as giving me a tan, which seemed appealing during my teenage years. Never go on them, it's always better to fake it.

9. Say No, to the bob. 
For the last time, you do not want a 'bob' it will only end in tears like the last two times  Do not trust the hairdresser, they are not only cutting the teeny, tiny ends off, they will take a good chunk off the length every time. Don't say I didn't warn you…

10. Be confident!  
See past your imperfections, learn to notice them a little less and love them a little more, besides you pay much more attention to them than anyone else does anyways. You'll learn this in the long run.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pretty pastels with Pandora and Ted Baker.

dressing tablepandora charm apple 2
Apple pandora charm - The Jewel Hut*
How stunning is this red and green cubic zirconia apple pandora charm from the jewel hut? It's always catching the light when I wear my Pandora bracelet, I love the pretty attention to detail, the sterling silver stalk, the green sparkly leaf. What do you think of this charm? I think this would make a great charm to buy as a gift for a friend / family member who is a teacher, or if you just love sparkly things (cough cough, like me) it's really different, I love their whole range of charms, something for everyone! As always, the charm arrived packaged perfectly, with a gift bag, box and ribbon. I think that always makes such a difference when ordering on line, especially if you're buying it as a gift for somebody else!
ted baker washbag set
Soft floral pink beauty bag - Ted Baker*
Ted Baker's new bath and body collection is a pastel lovers dream, a touch of luxury. This zip up bag with a gorgeous watercolour flower print, with rose gold zips. Filled with luxurious bath and body treats with soft floral notes of Jasmine and neroli, with a base of patchouli, sandalwood and musk…mmm
ted baker bath and body sets
How pretty is the packaging? Inside the bag is a luxurious body soufflé, body wash and body spray.
ted baker pink body spray
Available from Boots, what do you think of Ted Baker's sugar sweet, bath and body collections?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Home-ware wish list May

home wishlist may
1. Bow tie dog shaped lamp - here  2. Teal newgate alarm clock - here 3. Small favour jars - here 4. Rose gold mirror - here 5. Heart tea light holder - here 6. Dachshund coat hook - here 7. 'What would Audrey do' book ? - here 8. Rabbit salt and pepper shakers - here  9. Turn off your straightener door mat - here 10. Glass dome - here 11. Telephone pad - here 12. marble style tray / trinket dish - here 

What do you think of my home-ware wish list ? I absolutely need to buy myself that door mat, I'm always running back upstairs to double check that I turned them off, even though I always have! I adore the little white bunny salt and pepper shakers, so cute. As well as the dog shaped lamp, complete with cute yellow bow tie, awww. Do you like my picks? 

Friday, 8 May 2015

10 things I have learnt (so far) in my twenties.

I turned twenty five back in March, I wanted to write a reflective post back then but I never really got around to it…  So I am Twenty five years old, that's half way to fifty *gulp* Does this mean I am a 'real adult' now? I mean, I'm no longer in the 16-24 bracket when it comes to those little tick box questionnaires, do I need to slather myself in anti ageing creams before bed? Didn't I turn 18 just a week ago? I thought I'd write a post and make a list of a few of the things I've learnt over the last five years.

1. You will sound like your mother. (probably)
I hear myself thinking, those girls must be freezing, why aren't they wearing coats? Occasionally Choosing sensible flat, comfy footwear over those heels I paid a fortune for and finding myself feeling horrified that I used to wear a black bra under a rather sheer white shirt. 

2. You can't force friendships and if you have too they're probably not right.
Be yourself, make new friends. Sometimes friendships fall apart, sometimes they become stronger than ever. You realise how important family and true friends are, you don't need a huge circle, just a great one. Life is too short for crappy friendships and toxic people and never forget Dogs > people

3. Always take your make up off before bed.
Don't sleep in your foundation, your face won't thank you for it now or in the following years to come. Make the effort now and it will pay off later. Don't forge to moisturise, especially your neck and dĂ©colletage! (Thanks mum!) 

4. You will always feel like a child at heart.
Singing along to the entire Lion King sound track, still feeling ridiculously over excited on Christmas eve okay, well all of December if I'm being totally honest (does that ever fade? I hope not!) Still having a soft spot for cuddly toys, and all of these things are okay, even at 25...

5. Time really does fly by!
This is so true, where does it go? I feel myself hurtling towards my thirties… Make it count, I'm not saying live every day like it's your last because sometimes that isn't always possible or realistic, but be kind, try and see the best in people wherever possible and do what's right for you.

6. Teenage lingo will now baffle and confuse you.
Gone are the days of sitting on MSN, when you would saying things like GTG, BRB, lmao, and the likes. Don't act like you didn't. Now you will find yourself googling what ' eyebrows on fleek' and 'bae' mean. Everything will become 'goals' relationship goals, bedroom goals, face goals and the likes. In case you were wondering bae means before anyone else, fleek is similar to 'on point'. How old and uncool do you feel right now? Tom is bae? just kidding Oscar if you're reading this.

7. Everyone is also 'winging it'
Don't let those Facebook status' full of engagement rings and baby scans fool you. Don't compare yourself, you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Most people only share what they want to be known on social media. Focus on yourself and your own goals, not what everyone else is doing. It's okay to not have a 5 year plan, you don't have to have it all figured out just yet.

8. It doesn't happen overnight 
Getting up and going for a run or to the gym doesn't magically become fun or enjoyable those people are lying, your dishes and dirty laundry won't wash themselves no matter how long you leave them, the boring stuff like finances has to be done and you still don't like tea, coffee, red wine or salads, amongst other 'grown up things' I'll have one large hot chocolate with whipped cream and little pink marshmallows, please.

9. Look after yourself.
Re-iterating point 3, get enough sleep, drink more water, you don't always have to order dessert < I'm still struggling with that one. But on a serious note, go to the dentist, check your body regularly, book doctors appointments if something worries you . Health is so important, never use sun beds, always wear sun block, don't give yourself a 2 day hangover it really won't be worth it in the morning, because it is important to look after yourself. 

10. Most importantly enjoy things.
The world while whizz by, no matter how you spend your time, it will pass anyway… So enjoy it, be happy, don't sweat the small stuff, appreciate things, stop comparing yourself, because before you know it you will be thirty. just kidding, sort of.

Are you in your twenties or above? Or maybe in you are in your teens? What have you learnt whilst 'growing up' ? Let me know in the comments :)

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